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Every morning at 5am EST you'll get one Fast Action Core Conditioning HIIT workout via the meeting app #Slack. This workout will be between four and eight minutes long and will strengthen your core and slim your waist down while getting you amped up for your day, just like a morning quickie but not quite as fun!

There will also be a HIIT It in the Morning coaching group for motivation and accountability via #Slack. All you need to do is CHECK-IN after you complete your workout! If you don't check-in you're fired! Trillshit, this is for people who want it and need a lil fire under their ass! Commit to ya fit!

Some banter from the group!

Some of my past Fast Action Core Conditioning contenders!

"The exercises are fun, energizing, and make you feel like you can accomplish anything! And the results….the results have been AMAZING! Not to mention, you don’t even have to leave your house or use any equipment! COME AS YOU IS!" -Sierra D 

"ACTION! I had Kris Bruno's Muay Thai class this morning and I tell you this chunky woman was blowing through the strength and conditioning portion of it! I give full credit to your core training. It is so rewarding to test yourself and discover new strength in yourself! And what's with you and these god damn planks?! I've never seen so many different planks! What are you, a fucking pirate??" - Mandy S

"Even us fitness muthafuckas get loose around the holidays, and I usually put on a good ten pounds of WTF happened! So after all of the celebrating is over I take a month off from eating bullshit and add an extra morning workout to get me right again!" -Me clown lol

"I've been KILLING it in the gym, and nowI've got some dope ass sliced up abs thanks to you and my diet change! This is after 3 rounds of core conditioning and my regular weight training!" -Brenda K

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